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Learn by doing, that is what RA*W LAB is all about. Where the Inspirational Sessions give us new insights, energy, knowledge and inspiration – RA*W LAB will challenge talents to combine all of that they’ve picked up and put it to good use. Pressure cooker from. In multidisciplinary teams.

RA*W LAB is a 3 week program where we start in a small group to fine-tune the client brief. Then, based on that brief, we select the young talents to participate. We invite the talents to join a closed Facebook group, where we inspire them and share all types of information and cases with each other. This allows us to create context.

After two weeks we take 1,5 day to deep dive into the creative strategic challenge from the brand. On the Friday evening or Saturday morning we do a briefing session, and then explore the world of the brand. Field research, gathering insights and validating those insights. Then, the next day is all about idea generation by using different brainstorm techniques.

We invite a Creative Challenger to push the ideas to the next level, and they client can steer the ideas into a different direction at all times. At the end of the day the groups present their ideas to the client.

Of course we end RA*W LAB with a well-earned cold beer.

Would you like to organize a RA*W LAB with your brand, please send an e-mail to

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