RA*W has been growing like crazy the last few years. Our free sessions are usually ‘sold out’ within minutes. And we notices more and more student want to attend our sessions. Our RA*W sessions are exclusively for young talents that work in the advertising industry between 1-3 years. We didnt really like to turn down all the students that came seeking for knowledge and inspiration. So we founded RA*W University.

RA*W University believes that the inspirational sessions at advertising agencies can bring the much needed extra knowledge that students don’t receive at their schools.

Instigator and student Rein Bojahr: “Being a student it is difficult finding out all the possibilities the advertising industry has to offer. During my studies I missed a place or platform where I could gather knowledge about the industry. Via RA*W University we now offer students a chance to get to know advertising in a different and fun way.”

Start at the beginning
The first RA*W University session took place Tuesday 27th May. Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam opened their doors to a group of motivated students. The first RA*W Community started at the very beginning, who are involved in the process of creating a campaign and what does this process entail? These questions were awsered by Strategy Consultant Heleen Hidskes, Account Manager Esther de Kok and Creative Director Darre van Dijk. They took their latest WWF campaign ‘Seastars’ as an example.

The evening was a huge success, check out the photo’s here.  Want to know when the next RA*W University session takes place, keep track of the Facebook page.

RA*W University is an initiative by: Rein Bojahr (Natwerk), Gerben van der Zwaard (Selmore), Lex Noteboom (Publicis), Liza Hopman (NoProtocol) and Cathalijn van Hellenberg Hubar (Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam).

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