As a young and ambitious talent, the advertising industry can be quite a difficult one if you want to develop quickly. Little to no training programs or mentorships, you need to be able to do your job (quickly) and that’s it – no sneak peak into the future. However, the need for development, inspiration, knowledge and insights remains.

RA*W was established because of this need. Founded early 2012 by Reinier Steures, Bart van de Kooij, Lieske Stokkers and Robert Volten, they started organising sessions where agencies open their doors to a group of eager talents. Each session revolves around a different topic and aims to provide insights that can immediately be put into practice the very next day.

With a constant curiosity, we look at the wonderful and idiotic things that happen in our industry. We frown upon the traditional approach to a business that should be beyond progressive. By now RA*W has turned into the ultimate advertising network of the future. Young talents that are very adaptable and who share their experiences while learning from the different backgrounds and ambitions everyone has.

Our mission is to nullify RA*W. When the advertising industry starts to understand the importance of the education of young talent and is going to act on it, we will work together with them to push even further. In the meantime, new RA*W initiatives are seeing the light such as RA*W University and RA*W LAB. We will do anything to get the most out of our work and ourselves.

By now, the initial founders have passed on the baton to Marieke Dekker, Rose Zandvliet, Ciaran Woods, Piet Honig, Wybe Sallows, Romy van der Linden. These seven board members organise the activities in their spare time, alongside their (hectic) day jobs. They extend the dialogue between the RA*W Community and the advertising industry.

RA*W photo by Jerome de Lint.

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